One Green Deed Spawns Another:

Tales of Inspiration on the Quest for Sustainability

"I was struggling to reconcile my growing concerns for the environment and my chosen career; I couldn’t fathom another year unlinked to the environmental movement. This experience was in stark contrast to that of the environmentalists I had been researching from books and articles since the mid 1990s."


David Mahood


One Green Deed Spawns Another
David Mahood's quest for sustainability led him on a wide ranging and introspective journey that included encounters with a diverse group of people. From turtle rescuers to hemp designers, from foresters to worm farmers, from renowned ecologists to Seneca historians, his twenty year journey is chronicled in a story of environmental compassion and awareness.  In an effort to make sense of it all, he revisited many of the sources of his inspiration and asked them: 
If you had one green deed…
Author David C. Mahood
In 2002, I was giving a talk about sustainable furnishings and the impact of products on the environment. I finished the opening statement with the line “One green deed spawns another.” It was meant to get the audience more broadly engaged in the welfare of our environment; the thought that a single effort might compel someone else to act seemed so simple. For thirteen years, I have closed many other talks with those same five words.
I decided I wanted to query some of my heroes who’ve inspired me over the years with their wisdom and commitment to greening our planet, about their one green deed. Sharing green deeds is not only inspiring, it is unifying; perhaps within this collection of engaging ideas are answers for the road ahead.