• David Mahood

One Green Deed Review Poem

By David E. Manly, Professor Emeritus, SUNY Geneseo

I've just read a review of an awesome new tome

that, in so many ways, really "hit home"

not just with its subject , the environment,

but also the author known in my retirement.

David Mahood and his brother, Bruce,

grew up in the region of the Big Tree Spruce

in Geneseo, New York, a college town

revered for its reputation with cap and gown.

He was born son of scholarly, loving parents

from whom he received his genetic inheritance.

and, obviously, too, his skill in writing

which at an early age he found inviting.

And now he has published a distinguished volume

on a timely subject that's meaningfully solemn,

presented with clarity and true literary style

that sustains reader interest all of the while.

He speaks with eloquence of our earth's maintainability

which we must instill with sustainability.

He cites experts on all facets of our world

and from his efforts, a new challenge is unfurled.

Titled, "One Green Deed Spawns Another"

He touches the conscience of every sister and brother.

Thus, it's a book well worth reading

and, of course, its core message heeding.

April 11, 2018

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